From pioneers to post-war cleanup, we want it all.

Over the past ten years, many oral Hanford stories have been collected by several Tri-Cities organizations. These invaluable testimonies, photos and memories of the Hanford story — from settlement of the communities and farms of White Bluffs and Hanford, to the 1943 eviction notices, to World War II and the Cold War — are largely untold.

There are many more still that need to be captured and preserved before they are lost forever as older generations pass away.

Beldin's Store, Hanford, 1935. Photo courtesy Department of Energy.

Beldin's Store, Hanford. Photo courtesy Department of Energy.

Here’s how you can save our history

1. Browse our maps and lists of residents.

2. Choose which option best applies to you & fill out a form:

I was a resident/landowner My relatives were residents/landowners I know/knew a resident/landowner I worked at Hanford between 1943 and 1963 My relative(s) worked at Hanford between 1943 and 1963

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More coming soon.

As we begin setting up interviews and digitally capturing your Hanford stories, check back often for written accounts, videos and photos. We will post notices on our Facebook page as our collection grows, and as the collection grows so will the features of this site.

This is a multi-phase project that will span the life of Hanford—before, during and after the Manhattan Project—so stay tuned for your opportunity to share your experiences with the Hanford History Partnership.

We look forward to sharing your tales
with our community and generations to come.